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While not everyone who has taken part in our deliberations will agree with everything written here, we have tried to capture the ideas and suggestions presented during our discussions. We want to thank the following people for taking part:

  • Alex Fox (Shared Lives)
  • Alex Thomas (Institute for Government)
  • ​​Alex Worrad-Andrews (Common Knowledge)
  • Anandi Ramamurthy (CHARM Manchester)
  • Andrew Dolan (Momentum)
  • Angela Fell (Neighbourhood Democracy Movement)
  • Anna Randle (Collaborate CIC)
  • Benedict Evans (Tech Analyst)
  • Brendan Martin (Buurtzorg UK)
  • Brian Cox (NHS Leadership Academy)
  • Charlie Leadbeater (Rockwool Foundation)
  • Charmaine Harris (NELFT)
  • Charmian Love (Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Cllr. Saima Ashraf (London Borough of Barking and Dagenham)
  • Clare Wightman (Grapevine)
  • Colin Miller (Compass, Deeper Democracy)
  • David Robinson(The Relationships Project)
  • Emma Dowling (Author, The Care Crisis)
  • Gabriel Chanan (Writer, researcher)
  • Georgia Gould (Camden Council)
  • Henry Timms (co-author of New Power)
  • Immy Robinson (The Relationships Project)
  • Indra Adnan (The Alternative UK)
  • Iona Lawrence (Jo Cox Foundation)
  • Irina Bolychevsky (co-founder & director of, NHSX, Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • Jaideep Prabhu (Author, How Should a Government Be?)
  • James Muldoon (Autonomy, University of Exeter)
  • James Scurry (Safely Held Spaces)
  • Jamie Driscoll (Mayor North of Tyne)
  • Jane Marshall (Broxtowe Labour)
    Jason Stockwood (Investor, B Corps)
  • Jen Kilyon (Soteria UK) 
  • Jennifer Nadel (Compassion in Politics)
  • John Denham (Director, Centre for English Identity and Politics)
  • Jon Alexander (New Citizenship Project)
  • Jon Will Chambers (Centre for Democracy)
  • Jon Wilson (Kings College London)
  • Kayleigh Walsh (Outlandish)
  • Kieran Breen (Leicestershire Cares)
  • Laura Parker (Labour for a New Democracy)
  • Linda Cowie (The Linking Network)
  • Liz Pole (Honiton and Tiverton Labour)
    Loughlin Hickey (Blueprint for a Better Business)
  • Lucy Johnstone (Clinical psychologist)
  • Joanna Monaghan (Psychotherapist)
  • Ludovica Rogers (Unfound Project)
  • Mark Perryman (Lewes Labour)
  • Mathew Lawrence (Common Wealth)
  • Matt Leach (Local Trust)
  • Matt Locke (Public Media Stack)
  • Matt Scott (Thames Ward Community Project)
  • Meg Henry (The Linking Network)
  • Mike Wilson (Pembroke House)
  • Mustafa Al-Bassam (Celestia)
  • Myron Rogers(Lankelly Chase Foundation)
  • Neil Denton (After Disasters Network)
  • Nicholas Shaxson (The Balanced Economy Project) 
  • Nick Beddow (Shared Futures)
  • Nick Gardham (Community Organisers)
  • Nick Pearce (Bath University)
  • Noel Hatch (Camden Council)
  • Paolo Gerbaudo (Sociologist King’s College London)
  • Paul Baker (CHARM)
  • Paul Cotterill (Writer)
  • Rhys Clyne (Institute for Government)
  • Rich Bell (The Cares Family)
  • Richard Pope (GDS, Harvard Kennedy School of Governance, Government as a Platform)
  • Rufus Pollock, (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • Russell Razzaque (Consultant psychiatrist)
  • Sam Firman (The Relationships Project)
  • Sarah Thomas (Sheila McKechnie Foundation)
  • Shamsher Chohan (Communities Inc)
  • Simon Duffy (Centre for Welfare Reform)

This project was authored and governed by the Power Now Steering Group including:

  • Steve Reed MP
  • Neal Lawson, Compass
  • Hannah O'Rourke, Labour Together
  • Frances Foley, Compass
  • Sue Goss, Compass
  • Edward Saperia, The London College of Political Technology